The Spring 2018 registration fees are as follows (per player)
$450 per player, plus Uniform and Tournament Fees (See Below)
-Uniform Fee - $75 for existing player using last year’s uniform, $200 for new players
-Tournament Fees - Based on team size and tournament cost

-Initial payment of $450 - First day of Practice, Week of February 5
-Uniform Fee - Friday, March 3
-Tournament Fees - First practice of the week of a tournament
    **Fees DO cover:

    Uniforms - Dark set, Light set, Shooter Shirt, Sweat Pants

    Facility expenses  - All teams will have two practices every week (except holidays and when the gym is unavailable due to special events). Team practice times and locations (although subject to change) are listed under 'Practice Times' in the 'Up-State All-Stars Info' section of the website.
    **Fees do NOT cover travel to and from tournaments, tournament admission fees, and hotel fees.